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Working as a small team of associates TIBdesign are specialists in producing UX/UI and print design for varied clients and briefs. Over the past 25 years we’ve worked with clients such as TechRadar, Adobe, Ford, Sony, Microsoft, Apple, T3, and Google. Here is some more detail about our work.

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PocketMags is an online magazine subscriptions store, delivering a huge selection of digital magazines & newspapers to PC, Mac, iOS & Android.

I was commissioned to develop the whole site and shift it to a responsive platform while improving the UX, UI and evolving their existing branding.

I worked with the development team to understand their business needs with a view to improve the UX and UI on their new responsive platform.

In addition to this project, I worked on parent company MagazineCloner’s RePub app. This was a simple e-reader that allowed a magazine subscriber to read articles in a more digestible format rather than pinching and zooming on smaller devices.

I also worked on the UI ofMagazineCloner’s back-end system to improve the UX of the company’s software for publishers.