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Working as a small team of associates TIBdesign are specialists in producing UX/UI and print design for varied clients and briefs. Over the past 25 years we’ve worked with clients such as TechRadar, Adobe, Ford, Sony, Microsoft, Apple, T3, and Google. Here is some more detail about our work.


Paul Hudson: Director, FutureFolio

One time I sat with my art editor staring at the cover of a magazine we were working on. The cover sucked, and the publisher was next to us also saying that the cover sucked. And then in came Ian Miller, who was at the time the group art director for our division. He threw away what we had, and in maybe 40 seconds made something brilliant. Then he threw that away, and in another 40 seconds made something entirely different, also brilliant. Then he threw *that* away, and made something else, also brilliant.

All this time I was just watching in silence as someone who was clearly a master craftsman worked their magic – any one of those three covers could have gone out, but he didn’t stop until he found the one that was that little bit better.

And that’s Ian Miller: he doesn’t accept “good” or even “great” when he can see that “best” is up for grabs.


Grant Bremner: Director, VideoGrape

Ian is quite possibly the best design, user experience and usability expert I’ve met during my career. I had the joy of working with Ian on some of Future Publishing biggest projects including launch of the UK’s first digital enhanced iPad Magazine, multiple mobile/iPad apps and YouTube multi-channel network.

His wealth of experience and range of knowledge is immense : from designing for print publications, complex web sites right through to fully interactive digital interfaces, Ian has it all. His rich understanding of what is required to improve design ensures that the users are getting the maximum by exposing the full potential of product.

Ian seeks perfection (re-work, re-jiggle, refine, reduce, rinse, repeat) whilst ultimately maintaining his ability to deliver on time to incredibly tight deadlines.

But Ian isn’t a precious creative, he is easy-going, friendly and pragmatic with an ability to clearly communicate with senior stakeholder and get buy-in at all levels of the business. His personable nature also makes Ian an invaluable sounding board. In addition he commands respect from his colleagues with his ability to provide constructive critical feedback in a positive and enlightening way helping develop skills in others by utilising his experience.

I can’t recommend Ian highly enough and I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again very soon.

Will Guyatt: EMEA Communications Manager, Instagram

Ian is a lovely man and a fantastic designer and one of the greatest creative minds I know. We’ve worked together for more than a decade and he’s never let me down, delivering more often than my milkman. Work with Ian and you won’t be disappointed.


Kieran Masterton: Director at 88MPH

Ian delivers impressive UX and design solutions, on brief and to tight deadlines. His design insight has proved vital to us from the conception of a project through to delivery.


Rachel Ifans: We Are Twist

I worked with Ian at Future Plc for many years. He is a fantastic designer, who responds well to a brief, is a joy to work with, and is someone who impresses all clients. As well as having a great artistic brain, Ian has commercial nous and editorial focus. When I set up my own business in 2013, Ian was the obvious choice for much of the design work I needed doing – from print launches to redesigns, and digital work.


Richard Foster: CCO at IO Technologies Group

Ian is one of the best web designers and UX experts I have worked with. He has a deep understanding of user experience and information architecture and this, combined with a solid understanding of brand and design, make him an extremely valuable asset for any business.

I think that Ian’s greatest skill is the ability to listen; capturing the business’s needs and then creating an effective solution. Sounds simple right? Doing that without form filling, exhaustive explanations or laborious process is where Ian keeps it simple. He just gets it.

I highly recommend Ian and would love to work with him again.


Jodie Porter: Studio Manager, Mr B & Friends

I had the pleasure of working with Ian at the beginning of my career in August 2001. When I graduated I joined Future Publishing as a Magazine Designer on a graduate training programme which was founded by Ian. The skills I learnt whilst working with Ian have assisted me in my career to date and because of his enthusiasm, passion and way of teaching will stay with me through my creative career, for which I am very grateful.

Ian has a really good temperament and an abundance of creativity and talent, is very supportive and approachable. I feel very lucky to have had the pleasure of working with such a talented, extremely organised and energetic individual. He is a very motivated, hardworking individual and his passion for his job, new challenges and the way he approaches things have an additive effect, having an excellent rapport with everyone. He is a complete all rounder and a great team player, nothing is ever too much trouble which makes him a key asset to any team.

I feel privileged to have been guided and taught by such a key role figure.